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The Queen of the Sciences solves the mystery of the dinosaurs’ demise

Medieval academics called theology (or alternatively philosophy) the “Queen of the Sciences” because they saw it as the capstone of all higher learning. Carl Friedrich Gauss used this term to describe Mathematics. I would reserve this term for Paleontology for … Continue reading

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Embodied intelligence in slime molds…

More on this later: Slime molds remember where they’ve been using the slime they leave behind.  Ariadne’s thread, Hansel’s bread crumb, Physarum‘s slime.

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Super-intelligent purple space squids apparently were unintelligent designers

From Ronald Bailey of Reason Magazine…

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Religion and vaccination

Here we have a story from Grand Rapids, MI, about a woman who could lose her job at a hospital because she is refusing to be vaccinated against influenza. The hospital makes flu shots a condition of employment. Such a … Continue reading

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Evolution, spite, and ideological suicide bombs

11 October 2009 Recently we’ve seen allegations by a politician and a pundit that conservative leaders are being “spiteful” by taking positions that undermine their political foes (especially President Obama), even though these positions would seem to make them look … Continue reading

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More on vestiges

In the previous post, I pointed to a site that lists the “Top 10” vestigial organs. Number of 9 on this list has long been my personal favorite: the vestigial pelvic bones of modern whales. The reason it is my … Continue reading

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Vermiform musings

Well, maybe the human appendix has a function after all. Long one of the textbook examples of a “vestigial organ,” a recent publication now reinterprets the appendix as serving a critical role in helping deal with contamination of food. Here … Continue reading

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