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Daydream Believer

Today’s NY Times describes research (funded by Eli Lilly of course) that identifies a condition called Sluggish Cognitive Tempo.  SCT is supposedly characterized by “lethargy, daydreaming, and slow mental processing.” The research suggests (no surprise) that drugs might be useful … Continue reading

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Teaching the “controversies”

Today’s NYT has an article about a new-ish strategy used by creationists in their efforts to influence the teaching of science in schools. According to the article, a bill in the Kentucky legislature would require schools to teach “the advantages … Continue reading

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Texas School Board election results

The Texas School Board has a huge amount of clout in determining the contents of high school textbooks. Because of the size of the public school system and its consequent purchasing power, textbook publishers nationwide tend to cater to Texas. … Continue reading

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