Religion and vaccination

Here we have a story from Grand Rapids, MI, about a woman who could lose her job at a hospital because she is refusing to be vaccinated against influenza. The hospital makes flu shots a condition of employment. Such a requirement makes sense on multiple levels. Hospitals are a great place to catch, and spread, viruses, so flu vaccinations are especially important for hospital workers. This benefits not only the workers themselves but also their patients and the public at large.

The woman’s refusal is on religious grounds:

“I was raised a Christian,” the Spectrum Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital employee said. “And it was my belief that I feel like God created us in his image. He created our body and created our immunity.”

Soooo…..does this mean that God, in whose image “our body and…our immunity” are made, is afflicted by the hordes of viruses and other infectious diseases that present such a challenge to us, and that he is dumb enough not to trust the power of reason to seek ways to compensate for those frailities? Well, maybe he only created our bodies and our immunity in his image, and left our intellects to be shaped by superstition and a deficient educational system.


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Professor in the Department of Integrative Biology at Michigan State University
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