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The Queen of the Sciences solves the mystery of the dinosaurs’ demise

Medieval academics called theology (or alternatively philosophy) the “Queen of the Sciences” because they saw it as the capstone of all higher learning. Carl Friedrich Gauss used this term to describe Mathematics. I would reserve this term for Paleontology for … Continue reading

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The Greatest Psychologist

Drum roll please…..and the winner is….. Charles Darwin! This is a fascinating argument, which I have seen made implicitly but never as directly and as comprehensively as this. After all, many of the pioneers of psychology and psychiatry (William … Continue reading

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Teaching the “controversies”

Today’s NYT has an article about a new-ish strategy used by creationists in their efforts to influence the teaching of science in schools. According to the article, a bill in the Kentucky legislature would require schools to teach “the advantages … Continue reading

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More on vestiges

In the previous post, I pointed to a site that lists the “Top 10” vestigial organs. Number of 9 on this list has long been my personal favorite: the vestigial pelvic bones of modern whales. The reason it is my … Continue reading

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