Dealing with disappointment….

Ok, this isn’t a scientific topic, it’s just an observation about human nature, particularly how political beliefs and social attitudes tend to cluster together.

In the aftermath of the recent election, disappointed Republicans began filing petitions to have their home states peacefully secede from the Union.  This has now happened in all fifty states.

Apart from raising the interesting question of what would happen if these petitions were actually to succeed in all fifty states (might they join a new Confederacy of fifty states and fight a war to assert their right to be independent from the other fifty states?  wait….),  I find it odd that you never hear this from Democrats.  Instead, in dark moments where the outcome of the election was in doubt, the cliched response among Democrats was to threaten to move to Canada, or Finland, or wherever.

I like to tell my students that there is only one scientific question:  what’s up with that?

A quick Google search shows that I’m not the first person to have made this observation.


About ethologist

Professor in the Department of Integrative Biology at Michigan State University
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