Songs to be sung on a Geology field trip

I am a scientist, but I come from a family of word lovers. My dad loves words, wordplay, puns, and one-liners, and so did his father before him, and both of his brothers.

It is a family of music lovers too. My dad played guitar for most of his adult life, and is an avid jazz fan, as was his father. One of my earliest memories was watching my grandfather, my dad, and my uncle Fred sitting around the hi-fi listening to 78-rpm recordings of jazz, tapping their feet and smiling at each other. My grandfather played piano, mostly by ear. One of his proudest accomplishments, according to my dad, was when he had gone out to listen to Bix Beiderbecke‘s band and then volunteered to sit in at piano when Bix’s regular pianist didn’t show. Bix Beiderbecke was a legend of early jazz. For my grandfather to hold his own was no mean accomplishment.

Here is the love of words and the love of music coming together, in the most exalted form of humor–puns. This list was started by my grandfather and expanded by my dad.

Songs to Be Sung on a Geology Field Trip

I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Silicate

Baby, It’s Gold Outside

Down By Geode Mill Stream

Shale We Dance?


Where Ore When

O, Pumice Me

Oil Or Nothing At All

Lava Come Back To Me

You’d Be So Gneiss To Come Home To

Gimme A Little Schist, Will Ya Huh?

It’s A Lodestone Old Town

Straighten Up And Pyrite

Sedimental Journey

Scree Little Words


Too Marbleous For Words

In The Coal, Coal, Coal Of The Evening

Put Your Arms Around Me, Hematite

Sweet Moraine

Beryl Me Not On The Lone Prairie


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Professor in the Department of Integrative Biology at Michigan State University
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One Response to Songs to be sung on a Geology field trip

  1. heysal says:

    Azurlite was on and you left agate open, I thought I’d lava little talc since uralite hearted guy. I know you didn’t know I was cummingtonite, but I’ll tellurite now, it’s a bit coal out here so the mercury level lead me to stop so roll out the beryl because it’s Millerite time. Asbestos I can tell though, there’s no more time taenite for this. What a corundum.


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